Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of education center can benefit from the NARHS partner program?

New, remote, and/or small education programs who offer quality learning but who have not had time or opportunity to become accredited can benefit from our services.  As a Learning Service Provider, regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools ( , NARHS is authorized to verify credits earned in other educational settings, following specific guidelines.  

How is the process of partnering started?

Contact us to set up an appointment so we can talk to you over the phone or through SKYPE.  This conversation will serve as an interview where we can find out a little more about your program. 

1. If we agree that a partnership can serve you well, the leadership of your educational program will fill out a school registration form that can be found on this website under the "Register" tab.

After this initial stage, the process continues in this way:

2. A password will be sent to the contact for your education program so important forms can be accessed & registration payment can be made through the Payment page of the Client Portal.

3. From there, course descriptions of all the high school level courses are submitted to us with the required information included.    This portion of the process might take a little time if we have questions about any of the course descriptions. 

4.  Submit Instructor Information forms for all staff teaching courses.

5. The parents/guardians of high school students fill out the registration forms. Parent signatures are needed for the learning program to share confidential grade information with NARHS.

6. After courses are approved, the education center will be listed on our partner website.

7. When the grading period is over, the partner program sends NARHS, via the webpage,  grade/ credit information for high school students who have pre-registered. 

8. Use the Client Portal to pay for each transcript requested. 

9. Upon payment, all requested transcripts will be processed and electronically transmitted to the partner program for archiving and distributing to students. 

Can you provide our school with accreditation?

No, we are not an accreditation program.  

How do we handle Summer School Classes?

Credit amount needs to be determined. There are two types of credits -
1. text credits (finish the high school level book and earn the credit that the publisher has determined for the course).

2. self-designed credits (write a course description listing the objectives, resources used, topics covered,   THEN   log hours invested in class time and homework,   THEN determine a way to grade the course)

All courses need to be pre-approved so we can enter them into our database in preparation for the transcript creation. 

All students must have a responsible adult fill out the registration form authorizing you to share confidential academic information with us.  For students who join just for the summer classes, a registration form is needed. 

$100/per school year is charged for each transcript that is prepared for the students.

Summer classes can be included in last year's work or next year's work. 

What minimum credits do you suggest for graduation?

4 credits Language Arts

2 credits Math

2 credits Science (1 lab)

1 credit Social Studies

1 credit U.S. History

1 credit PE

1 credit Fine Arts

1/2 credit Health

1/2 credit Computer

4 1/2 credits Elective

What grading scale do you use on your transcripts?

A:        100-94             (4.0)   

A-:       93-90               (3.67)

B+:      89-87               (3.33)

B:        86-83               (3.0)

B-:       82-80               (2.67)

C+:      79-77               (2.33)

C:        76-73               (2.0)

C-:       72-70               (1.67)

D+:      69-67               (1.33)

D:        66-63               (1.0)

D-:       62-60               (.67)

F:         59 & below     (0)


What does a typical transcript look like?  Click below to check it out:

How do you determine what credit a course will receive?

Credits are determined by the publisher of the text book.  Courses not based on a textbook are considered "self-designed".  For those courses, credit amount is determined by the number of hours of study.  1 credit is 80+ hours.

Does a diploma come from NARHS?

Diplomas are issued by the partner school.  If a student wants to graduate with NARHS, they need to register with us and pay our tuition.

Who issues transcripts to students?

NARHS produces the transcript after the partner school submits grade and credit information.  The transcript is then transmitted electronically to the partner school to archive and issue to students.

Who sends out transcripts to schools, colleges, universities, military and employers at the student's request?

The partner school will send out requested transcripts.

Can credits earned from other sources than our partner school be added to our student's transcript?

Yes, if those credits came from an accredited school or program.  An additional fee of $100 is added for each year of credits added to the transcript.  If the credits were earned through homeschooling, they can possibly be added if the work has been saved.