How we can help your program.


NARHS is authorized as a Learning Service Provider by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, to verify credits earned in another educational setting other than our own.

We can issue an accredited transcript for each student who registers with us.  We do not accredit other schools.  We only provide an accredited transcript on the basis of the approval process established.  


In order to perform this service with integrity, we need to determine if the learning center is who they say they are, and serves students with a quality education.

We can work with such learning centers if the program has:

1.     a website,

2.     instructors with experience or training to teach the subjects assigned,

3.     curriculum considered high school level by the publisher,

4.     assigned homework, tests, projects that are graded by the instructor,

5.     students’ grades that are kept by the teacher throughout the year,

6.     parents who are willing to give written permission so students’ grade information can be shared with us.


If those components are in place, the educational center may contact us regarding the beginning stages of the approval process.

Simply stated, we approve course descriptions and then provide accountability as to whether the courses are conducted as they are initially described. 

Part way through the school year, we request that grade sheets be submitted to us.   This is a relatively simple process that just involves copying the grade pages that contain the course title, instructor’s name, students’ names, dates of assignments, and grades given.  The pages are then scanned and emailed to our office. Normally, this request would occur once or twice during the year. These grades serve as evidence of the course being conducted as planned.  

At the end of the educational year, grades are sent us by the partnered educational program, through the website that will be the basis for the transcript generated for each student. Transcripts will be returned to the learning center so the documents can be archived and sent to the families.