Is NARHS a potentially good fit for you?  Here's the process:

  1. Use the contact page to let us know of your interest so we can schedule a phone call or Skype conversation to get acquainted with us.

  2. Fill out and submit the school registration online form.

  3. Fill out and submit Course Descriptions online form for each high school class for verification and approval.

  4. After an initial approval from NARHS, use our Client Portal to pay the registration fee.

  5. Submit graduation requirements, permission to use your school's logo on transcripts.

  6. Have high school instructors fill out information form; submit all forms to NARHS.

  7. Collect Education Information Release forms from parents and use that info to register students through our Client Portal.

At The Beginning Of Each School Year:

  1. Pay your school’s registration fee through the Portal.

  2. Submit any new courses for approval.

  3. Register your students.

At The End Of The School Year:

  1. Submit transcript requests through the Portal. Be sure to use the exact names for the courses you used to submit them for approval.

  2. Pay for the transcripts and list students’ names and school year(s) for the transcript through the Payment Page in the Portal.

  3. Be available to answer any questions our transcript department has regarding your requests.

The amount of time to produce transcripts varies a lot depending on the number of transcripts requested, the time of submission (early is better, we get slammed as everyone turns them in at the same time.) Making sure your requests are accurate and complete speeds things up. Also, make sure we already have your students’ registrations, we cannot produce the transcripts without them.